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Thank you for visiting our websites.

Unfortunately, we've been hacked!!

Actually only one of the sites has been hacked but the policy of our hosting provider is to wipe clean all files related to any sites in the main account. We had a back-up but, as luck would have it, it was corrupt and none of the files can be recovered. This means we have to rebuild the sites from scratch :-(

The worst is that we had been working on a complete redesign of for the last few months and the test site has also been lost. And, we had just updated with a comprehensive listing of upcoming 2013 blues festivals and that, too, has been lost.

So, back to the drawing board we must go. This is a huge job but we hope to have up and running first and within a couple of weeks. We will then get back on track and, finally, the new and improved

We hope you will be back soon.

Site Administrator  - March 17, 2013
Because we all need to feel the blues
(and boy are we feeling them now!)